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ePea is a very small audio production / studio service 

ePea is a project of bassist EP of Canberra Australia

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ePea has done hundreds of local live jazz and classical recordings.  Provided free to the performers and only for distribution with their agreement and sometimes broadcast on ArtSound FM 92.7.




Musica da Camera String Orchestra

Music from Mannheim




Conductor     Christian Renggli

Soloist         Justin Julian - viola


1-3. Sinfonia in G major / Johann Stamitz (6.14)

4-6. Sinfonia in E flat major / Johann Stamitz (7.50)

7-9. Viola concerto in D major / Carl Stamitz (22.50)

10-12. Sinfonie in G major / Franz Xaver Richter (12.13)

13-15. Sinfonia (Overtura) No.1 / Franz Ignaz Beck (8.45)

16-18. Orchestral Quartet Op.4 No.1 / Carl Stamitz (14.38)

Total playing time 75.10



Violin: Rosemary Macphail, Heng Lin Yeap, Thea Lau, Ian McKerracher, Christine Davidson, Susan McClelland, Gillian Bailey-Graham, Heather Shelley, Jon Rosalky, Jeustelle Staver, Sarah Bloustein, Diana McGrath

Viola: Paul Whitbread, John Dobson, Heather Powrie

Cello: Helen Larmour, Margaret Kahn, Phil Emerson

Bass: Eric Pozza 

Clarinet: Lis Hoorweg, Jane Russell-Jones

Horn: Angela Liu, Anne-Mari Siiteri


Recorded live at St Peter and Paulís Cathedral, Goulburn NSW, 5 Nov 2017

Recorded by Eric Pozza  canberrajazz.net

Mastered by Kimmo Vennonen  kvp.net.au

Musica da Camera group portrait by Steven Shaw

Cover photo of SchlossEhrenhof (Mannheim Palace, now Mannheim University) by Hubert Berberich (HubiB)

(Own work) CC by 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0) via Wikimedia Commons

©2018  Musica da Camera  musicadacamera.org.au



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The Pots. It's about time


A mix of electronics, double bass, minimalism and spoken words of despair about climate and more.


1. Poet and the gambler (4:38)

2. Bassics op.2 no.1 (2:34)

3. Our time (5:27)

4. Bassics in 5 (2:00)

5. Think it possible (4:28)

6. Tempohomely (0:56)

7. Tubs are thumpin' (3:45)

8. Spaceager (4:55)

9. Dummies (6:04)


ePea-001        Released 1 Jan 2020


Signed CD coming soon, with any luck > canbjazz@gmail.com


Listen at various streaming sites including >

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TripleJ unearthed  > https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/pots